Organ Mountain Sessions 

Zach stopped by the Organ Mountain Live Room to record a handful of songs as part of the Organ Mountain Sessions series. Check out his live acoustic versions of "The House Jack Built" and "Hang Fire" from the new album Afternoons With Miss Jones.

Zach Live at Organ Mountain 

Saturday, August 19th - Catch Zach performing a live acoustic show at Organ Mountain in downtown Las Cruces, NM!

The Problem With Venues Today 

This is a fantastic piece that I first read a year or so ago, and recently came across again and decided it needed to be shared. LA-based professional jazz musician Dave Goldberg wrote an open letter to venues and venue owners addressing their exploitation, disregard, and disrespect of today's working musicians. I, and many of my peers, would be the first ones to tell you that every point Dave makes - from the ridiculous expectations from venues, to the flawed logic they run their businesses by - are…

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